Programming interface serial cable for Kenwood TM-D710E

I’ll show you, an easy way to construction interface cable  KENWOOD TM-D710E with PC (like PG-5G).

To avoid solder plugs in 8-pin Mini-DIN then chose to buy it from eBay.

With such cable you can construct two of one meter length. The cost becomes half and someone with the same transceiver, will be pleased with the unexpected gift!

The connection is given by the diagram below:



You will still take a DΒ9 female with the holder from eBay: (You can order 10 pieces for better price:

Optional you can order RF EMI noise filters 5mm from here:



If your computer has only USB then you should obtain one adaptor from RS232 to USB: That way, you grow the cable length, if  one meter is not enough…

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