RF Dummy Load 150W DC-2.5Ghz 50 Ohm

I decided to create a dummy load for my VU transceiver TM-D710E. After much thought I ended in something simple and cheap using the following minimum materials:

  1. DUMMY LOAD RESISTOR HYBRID TERMINATION 150W 50Ohm DC-2.5Ghz 150N50 (Thanks SV1BDS for usefull advice) http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUMMY-LOAD-RESISTOR-HYBRID-TERMINATION-150W-50Ohm-DC-2-5Ghz-150N50-RFP-ANAREN-/201120210471?
  2. N Type jack female 4 Hole panel Mount Jack with solder post RF connector http://www.ebay.com/itm/N-Type-jack-female-4-Hole-panel-Mount-Jack-with-solder-post-RF-connector-/150563214737?LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item230e445591 THIS ITEM IS CRITICAL
  3. Heatsink 20cm x 9.5cm with one side flat and the other with mid flat zone 3.5cm minimun
  4. Thermal grease paste
  5. Nuts and bolts 3mm diameter (4 ps) ≤10mm length

Opening the holes on the heatsink will be done according to the following diagram:DUMMYLOAD-MINIMAL

Use the left key of the mouse to rotate the object. Use mouse wheel to zoom in-out.


Assembly diagram



From N-Type connector side



From resistor side




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