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Regulated Switching Power Supply 12V 50A 600W

It was time to show a construction of a power supply 12V 50A with very low cost, for use mainly transceivers feed.

We will need from the eBay and local shops:

  1. Universal 12V 50A Regulated Switching Power Supply
  2. LED Digital Amp Volt Meter + Current Shunt DC 100V 50A
  3. Red 3 Pin SPST ON-OFF Light Illuminated Rocker Boat Switch
  4. 380V 10A 3-Position Wire Connector Barrier Terminal Strip like
  5. 4 pairs (black-red) Banana Jack For 4mm Plug
  6. OPTIONAL Bimetal 40 Celsius NO Temperature Control Switch Senser Thermostat like
  7. OPTIONAL Copper lug battery cable connector
  8. Cable 2m for 120/220V AC 10A
  9. Cable 1,5m black and 1,5m red for 12V 20A DC
  10. Metal case ≥ 26cm x 17.5cm x 8.7cm
  11. Nuts & bolts


Make the cable connections according to the following scheme:


I Use copper lug battery cable connectors for all high current connections.


and two copper strips ( 110 x 12 x 1.3mm ) to connect banana Jacks …


Because I do not want to operate the fan of power supply constantly,  I decided to put parallel to the positive pole of the fan, two bimetallic switches that are activated when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius.

CAUTION Do not forget the plastic insulation when placed on the sink, because the switches are not electrically insulated …

Look at the photo below: